The artist and curatorial collective Sicc.Zine is a team of creatives with both practical and  theoretical backgrounds. Sicc.Zine is a collaborative project that focuses on the publication of experimental comic zines and on curatorial projects. The collective aims to connect artists and act as a mediator between art students, working artists and art theorists.  


Sicc.Zine Collective: Lukas Brunner, Merlin Dickie, Marlene Heidinger, Silvia Knödlstorfer, Lenz Mosbacher, Miryana Sarandeva


The project SICC.Zine is an experimental zine with positions by artists from a wide variety of disciplines.  Collaboration between artists of different disciplines is a strong focus of this project. We want to connect not only artists of various fields of interest, but also students and artists, who have already finished their studies. We also strongly encourage the networking of artists and art theorists, by collaborating with the participating artists to write short texts about their published work. 


Founded three years ago in the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collective seeks new angles on the omnipresent topic of "sickness" through creative approaches. What does it mean to be sick? How sick is our society? The collective plays with the discrepancy of the word “sick”, describing both negative and positive extremes. 

The participating artists have the opportunity to publish their personal interpretation of sickness. It doesn't matter what sickness it is, whether it may be physical, psychological, emotional or fictional. The idea behind the zine is to use humor and abstraction to find a new approach to the topic of sickness, which, given the pandemic, is strongly represented in the media, but has very negative connotations. 


You are interested in supporting our project and buying an edition of the Sic.Zine? We are a non-profit project, so all of our revenue will benefit the next edition of the zine, that will include more work of young artists and students. Visit our Shop tab to see our products, and write us a short message with your contact to shop!

Our story

The project started in March 2020, in the beginning of the first lockdown. Marlene Heidinger, who had just finished her studies in the Painting and Animation class under Judith Eisler at the University of Applied Arts, had the idea to start an independent, experimental zine that offers a starting point for the participants to work on a small personal project in COVID-19 isolation. It loosens up everyday zoom-life and lets you forget the absurdity of reality for a little while. The idea behind the zine is to use humor and abstraction to find a new approach to the topic of sickness, which, given the pandemic, is strongly represented in the media, and has very negative connotations. The various works are intended to show the reader how other people deal with sickness. The publication is packed with a range of personal experiences and approaches that readers can explore bit by bit... and maybe even laugh a little! Since then, our Sicc.zine team has grown to over 70 contributing artists and writers. 

The Sicc.zine team

The core team is composed of colleagues with both practical experience and knowledge of art theory: Marlene Heidinger, fine artist and graduate of "Die Angewandte", Miryana Sarandeva, animator and graduate of "Die  Angewandte", Artist and "Die Angewandte" graduate Merlin Dickie, artist and Die Angewandte graduate Silvia Knödlstorfer, as well as comic artist and visual artist Lenz Mosbacher, and writer Lukas Brunner. Sicc.Zine is a diverse, collaborative project focused on the publishing of experimental zines and curatorial activities.

In our three comic zines and several exhibitions, we showed work of over 150 artists working in a variety of fields. 

We are motivated as a team, we want to make use of our experience in the contemporary art world and support the collaboration of young artists and art theorists. If you are interested to join our team, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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