Sicc.Zine VOL.III

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„Sicc.Zine Vol.III - crime edition“ displays sequential works on the topic of crime. Crimes as such are not only defined by the law, but can also be negotiated by a society or individuals. Crime is a topic whose presence seems omnipresent and inherent in daily media reports, pop culture, and everyday life. However, the assertion of the moral discussion of what is good and what is bad is not at the centre of importance - this should take place in the viewer. What intrigues the collective are the artistic positions and their various demarcations of right and wrong. There can be something appealing,voyeuristic in tragedy, and quickly one transforms from an observer to a perpetrator. The zine is devided into 4 chapters that focus on the crime scene as the distinctive factor. The chapters start at the small stage with internal struggles with criminality, and move along domestic crimes to the public space and fi nally finish off at the global stage as a crimescene.


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